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Celebrity Family Feud

Ron Wilch and family Wife Julie, daughter Eve, Son Farrod will a special family on Steve Harvey Celebrity Family Feud Sunday, June 17, 2018. The first Family of fashion of Philadelphia. Stay tune,

6 ABC FYI Show

Ron Wilch has been leaving people in stitches since he was in high school. His fashion sense has led him to a career in design. And his personality will keep you smiling... Karen got a visit from the wardrobe Doctor.​ 

Philadelphia Daily News

WHEN YOU'RE the stepfather of Eve, the rapper/actress from Philadelphia who costars in the new Barbershop flick that opens Friday, folks expect you to be fly.[Ron Wilch works his magic at the Wardrobe Clinic in Center City, a by appointment suite that specializes in the fine art tailoring alterations for women and men upscale clients who wants a fashionable restyling fit.

Mr. Wilch, 57, takes ill-fitting garments, often purchased online, and transforms them into something befitting, say, his uber-famous stepdaughter. (That may be a stretch considering that her entrepreneur husband's net worth is estimated to be in the $80 million range, but you get where I'm going with this.)
"At the Wardrobe Clinic, we fix, we repair, we recycle fashion. That's our main focus," Wilch told me last month.
Many of his customers are hapless online shoppers who go to him to make their purchases fit their bodies as well as they do the clothes hanger-skinny models who wear them on the Internet.

Philadelphia Magazine

Ron Wilch, designer by trade, is a fit genius: Everything that goes into his two-year-old tailor shop—bridesmaids’ dresses, old suits, new suits, slacks, sundresses, you name it—looks custom by the time it comes out. Fast turnaround times, too.